My name is Moliere. Not to be confused with the infamous playwright of the past, I am an artist from Orlando, Florida. My style of art has captivated the imaginations of many people from all walks of life because it is an interpretation of just that: Life. My personal experiences and my take on human nature is key to the substance of Moliere Expressions. I have played with the crumbiest hands dealt to me but somehow still managed to make the bid I placed. The spirit of Moliere Expressions is that of the fighter, the rebel, and the Ace who opts to shuffle the deck instead of playing rotten hands, or worse – folding.

A lot of my work encompasses my reflections on prison. I was committed to the Florida Department of Corrections for 8 1/2 years. I’ve dealt with death, riches-to-rags, love lost, oppression from the law, solitary confinement, and the hardest of the hardened. I am, therefore, amazed at how receptive folks have been to my work – which leads me to believe that you don’t have to be in prison to be doing time.

Some think I’m twisted. Others think I’m inspired by insanity. The truth is that I’m just honest (which is probably worse than the former assumptions). There is a lot of humor to my work. While Moliere Expressions defines the fighter, the rebel, and the Ace, I couldn’t imagine life without humor. There is always a laugh to be captured, regardless of the adversities in life, and despite all of the new advancements in the medical field, laughter is the best medicine for all things.

A lot of my work was done behind bars, with nothing more than a broken piece of a pencil (which was smuggled to me in confinement by the inmate orderlies). While the originals are all done on the backs of prison documents, such as D.R.s and confinement canteen order forms, you can contact us for prints here (no, you can’t get the artwork done on my D.R.s).

Live life, maintain constant vigilance, take charge, never stop fighting, and most important of all, never stop laughing.


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