Tango was the first ever “Moliere Expression”. The concept of this one revolves around my first writings on the criminal justice system and the corruption around prosecuting poor defendants. It was my first book entitled “United States Justice Tango: Dancing on the Dark Side of the Law”. While I eventually published “It Takes a Criminal to Know One” first, Tango will be my follow-up as I have much more to add to the conversation on judicial process, while Criminal zooms in on the incarceration phase.

This piece was quite personal in it’s reflections. Most people immediately notice the picture of Obama. They often associate it with predictions of an assassination attempt on the former president. His portrait, cracked and crooked, symbolized how the hope instilled in me from the realization of a black president slowly diminished as I coped with the realities behind prison walls. The only thing holding that picture up is an ink pen, which essential in my fights against the government in the courts.

The reflection in this one that gets overlooked the most is the butterfly hatching from a bullet. This represents an inevitable change in my mentality. There was a person I deeply wanted to be, and in order to achieve that evolution, wicked ways, hubris, vanity and insanity had to come to an end.










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