White, Blood, and Cells

As you’ve probably guessed by now, this is a pretty racially charged piece. Being from Florida, I am not inexperienced to racism. However, I quickly learned that there are degrees to that stuff.

White, Blood, and Cells comes from “It Takes a Criminal to Know One”. It was about my experience at Holmes CI in Bonifay, Florida. It’s been documented that racism is prevalent in the Florida prison system. Remember the CO at Lake Butler that got caught hiring a hitman and his cell phone had evidence that he had ties to the Klan? He was a veteran in the prison game and such veterans come by the thousands. I knew him and I lived in his dormitory for a while. He was actually one of the nicer guys.

But that’s an entirely different story. I had become used to extreme racism bouncing around from prison to prison, but I was not prepared for Bonifay. It really felt like I had been transported back in time. To hear terms like “knot head”, “coon” and the classic “nigger” used so freely by the guards really ruffled my feathers. It really disturbed me to see the black COs laughing at this stuff.

I really got a look into the minds of these people by listening to their jokes.

“What do you call a pregnant black teen on her way to an abortion clinic? A CRIME STOPPER!”

“Don’t worry about that rain, nigger. Snow melts, shit floats. You’ll be fine.”

I feel a little guilty about the one about the midget at the bar. It actually made me laugh.

White, Blood, and Cells





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