Victory: 11mg Pill

The 11mg Pill is another chapter from “It Takes a Criminal to Know One”. It’s my dedication to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. They published a federal case law about me and ruled completely in my favor.

It became a legendary law amongst the inmate population because I was victorious over the system. I beat oppression in a game nobody thought was fair. I triumphed over professional lawyers for the state, and 99% of attorneys will never achieve case law. I did it from prison.

I’ve got the judges at the top overseeing the chaos they created by allowing me to win over the system. They actually knew I was a political rebel in there. In fact, Honorable Judge Lee H. Rosenthal stated the following in the 20-page Opinion:

” We recognize that Florida prison officials familiar with [Moliere] and his history while incarcerated may view our result as unrealistic or unduly formalistic.”

Scan 14





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