The Verdict

The Verdict was my reflection upon the gripping charade of the trial process. So much more goes into it than television would have you believe. Again, this is another one to be decoded through reading. However, I will give you a piece of the puzzle: can you see the man in the hoodie smoking the blunt? He has the smiley face. During my trial, there was nobody in the stands. On the second day, my brother and two of my old acquaintances walked into the courtroom. They were dressed in all black, everything I knew the jury to associate with “thugs”. I even smelled marijuana.

In a situation like this, do you get angry because your crew just got you convicted, or do you look at the broader picture and appreciate the fact that somebody came to show you some love in your darkest hour? Hence the smoke from the blunt forming a heart shape, because my brother had nothing but love for me…






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