Road Trip

Road Trip is not from “It Takes a Criminal to Know One”. It’s from another book I’ve written. It was done in confinement on the back of a ripped folder and it shows on the right hand side.

It’s a reflection of a time that I was transported far from home for the first time.

I was wanted in another county during the initial phase of my incarceration, and I got a taste of that small town justice. Being from the city, I quickly learned that the rules change as the population decreases.

It was a horrible experience, but I was further enlightened as to the inner workings of the system. It was the first time I was beaten by correctional officers and the first time I was thrown in an ice box; all for throwing a newspaper on the floor. Then, they charged me with “Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer,” because I never changed my attitude. It was good preparation for my future in state prison.

As I familiarized myself with the type of people that chose careers in criminal justice, I concluded that the system bred and perpetuated corruption. Notice Lady Justice on the ground: she’s pregnant and she’s holding an X-ray to her stomach. There’s a snake in there eating the fetus.


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