This is really supposed to be unauthorized content, but since so much curiosity and interest has been generated because of it, I decided to release it. I can’t give you too much, but I can tell you that the Naurthex is a place in a sci-fi/fantasy book that will awe those of you with imaginations for ages to come.

What I think catches imaginations most with this piece is the fact that the faces interconnect. The faces express different emotions, but they blend so smoothly. How funny is it that a sad right eye makes a happy left eye?  This type of composition shows how easy it is to transform or integrate expressions, regardless of what you have to work with, a philosophy that will broaden your horizons if you have the same outlook on life.

If you want anything else on the Naurthex, you’ll have to wait for the announcement of the coming book series, and read it then.





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