Mind Game

When you hear the term “Mind Game”, it wouldn’t be difficult to think of some type of trick being played. When I decided to use this term, it had nothing at all to do with illusions.

Mind Game is a reflection of my introduction to politics. In 2008 I passed my time behind bars listening to the radio. I was scanning the AM stations trying to find a song I heard someone singing (“Heart Shaped Box” from Nirvana). By accident, I discovered conservative talk radio.

My initial response was shock because, having an adequate understanding of the English language, I interpreted the messages as racist and full of bigotry. However, the hosts I encountered were dropping gems!

I perfected the technique of filtering out the veiled bigotry I detected from Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in order to take home precious knowledge and education. This came during the Obama campaign so I got in on Politics 101 at the most interesting time.

It dawned on me that even the commercials on conservative talk radio polished my brain. I learned how to invest money, run a business and protect my identity from commercials alone. I was always used to hearing commercials about clubs with free alcohol and where to take an AIDS test.

During this time, I was fighting for my freedom and teaching myself the litigation process. It was a time wherein I gave my brain a bath and a deep cleansing. “Mind Game” here means “Game for My Mind to Hunt”. This is why the brain is in the tube with the binoculars, soaking up the entire game.

Mind Game




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