Good Die Young

Have you ever had a real friend? I don’t mean someone you went fishing with on Sundays. I mean someone you can depend on if you catch a flat tire in Timbuktu. Someone who knows what you feel without you saying anything. Someone with whom you can never be a burden. Someone who will support you while you are in prison without being asked to, even when they have nothing.

My best friend, Tyneil Devon Setaram, was the only real friend I had. I surprised him with this portrait when his son was born. He opened my envelope expecting visitation papers to take to other people who had abandoned me, and was blown away by the surprise.

Shortly afterward, he committed suicide. This picture still stands in the room where he did it. It’s something his mother deeply cherishes because she knows how much it meant to him.

I managed to get it out just in time because I am sure that before he made that decision, there was no question in his mind about how much I cherished him.


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  1. Courtney says:

    Hello, I remember when Tyneil posted this photo to Facebook. Indeed he was a very good friend. It hurt my heart when I had to face the reality that after 12/07/11, I would never speak with my friend again. May God be with you, and may he continue to let your talent shine.

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    1. Thank you. He does, and I know he’s watching everything I do.


  2. Queen says:

    I took this picture the dayvai got home from the hospital! This is my son’s father & Words can’t explain how much I love & miss him! If I knew what I know now back then I would have been there too support him through the things he was going through inside but, in the end I have his son to raise and I remind him everyday how much his father loved him!

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    1. Wow. So then you know what a life we lost. Words can’t express how golden he was as a friend. It’s ironic I’m only just seeing this on his birthday. I would love to meet you one day. I’m the God Father of his son, and I have never met him. Hopefully I can meet the two of you soon.


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